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When you win a bff who always there for you maglinog man or sa dili.
A clown who always makes you laugh.
A singer who definitely makes you insecure coz he sings a lot better than you.
A dancer because he said so, won’t argue anymore. Love you bff. :*
A fitness trainer who never let you cheat on your diet when you eat together. Makadalag instruct sa gym murag walay ugma but keeps me motivated tungod sa abs contest namo, hapit na xa ako wala pa. LoL
A TVD buddy nga mu dawat sa imong hapak if kiligon ka ni Damon ug Elena and who watch One Piece with you no matter how stupid Luffy is.
A very simple with a deep voice man nga walang ka arte-arte.
A fashion and a food critic.
My future business partner no matter what.
And someone who loves you no matter how crazy you are, how tactless you are, how lazy and !demanding you are, even though you answer questions overrated-ly, still he makes you his ultimate boss. Charess. Even though sometimes I hurt you, I’m badly sorry. :(
I don’t know where to start what changed or how it changed, but what matters most is I’m happy, with you. Thank you bff, I love you. :*

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